There is a lot of information out there on how to become enlightened.  There are practices, classes, sessions, and remedies.  Some say it’s all grace and there is nothing you can do to attain it – it will happen or it won’t.  Then there are those who say that you are already enlightened.

So where do we start and how do we get there?  The first step is knowing what you want from it.

Let’s look at what a person is trying to get from becoming enlightened.  What is enlightened?  There are many ways a person can define enlightenment, but most will say it’s a blissful state that is different than the state of the regular person.  So by seeking enlightenment one is looking for something other than what they have, and something that would put them in a different category than most other people.  Does that sound very enlightened?

Why with so much effort and interest put forth towards being higher up than others and rejecting “what is” does a person not become enlightened?  From reading that sentence we know why.  People do get what they focus on intently.  Focusing on such ego driven desires will get you more of the ego world that you are trying to escape from.

But what would happen if instead of wanting enlightenment you were to want to know the truth.  The truth that is the foundation of all existence.  A drive towards the truth will get you what is true, not what makes you higher than others, not what will bring you bliss, but what is true under all things.  Yes, seeing that truth often is blissful and can be termed enlightenment.

So when thinking about what you truly want, think about whether it is enlightenment or truth.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Just know what fruits are brought by which quest.  Seeking enlightenment is a grasping for something.  Grasping for anything brings pain and discontent.  Seeking truth is a letting go of everything in order to know.  In that space you create by letting go, Truth pours in.  This is enlightenment.

Know that you can have what you want.  But the path to it is quite different than most are told about.  It is simple when Truth is what you want.