Take a few moments if you have them and read this slowly.  And with the heat of awareness.  Whatever that may mean for you.  Trust that every shade of meaning you understand from each word here is exactly correct.

Now, be enlightened inside.  Close your eyes and look inside and let everything else be outside.  Let your problems be outside, let your friends be outside, let your job be outside, let your unemployment be outside…  So freeing…  Let everything that comes up in mind be outside:  Your worries, your interests, your partner, your kids, that jerk you know, your food, addictions, the internet, your pains, your to-do lists, your body, everything.  Let it all exist, but outside, while you are inside.  Let it all be there, but outside.  And focus in there where you are, and be enlightened in there.  Whatever enlightenment means to you, or whatever word you want to use, be it inside.  Be it, pretend it, love it, feel it.  Inside.  While everything else is out there being whatever it is.  For right now be inside where just You is.  And be enlightened in there.

Notice whether it is expansive or joy or free or peace or laughter or stillness.  Notice whatever it is.

And that’s enough for now.  Do this for two minutes or all day, or somewhere in between.

Let it be what it is.  Come back to the beauty of that whenever you wish.