I am a person like yourself who is interested in life and all that that entails.  My questions about reality have led me to extraordinary experiences over the years.  My first one was at the age of 8 as I was contemplating the possible explosion of the sun.  Each mundane moment for each of us is Extraordinary Oneness.  It’s always that way whether we realize it at the time or not.

Having these experiences of Oneness I have also been very interested in what it means to live here in the Life we all share.  What is it to feel joy and sorrow, desire and aversion.  Such delicious Life!

These interests have led me to live in various countries, have various careers, and experience various successes and wonderful failures.

Read what you enjoy here, make comments, and ask questions.  Feel free to link to this page or copy what you like onto your own page as long as you include a link to this page.

Enjoy your Extraordinary Oneness!