This is a four minute recording I made for someone working on realizing his value in life and that he is valued in the world when he is being his true self.  Most of the time when people are rejected it is because they are putting on an act of what they think they need to be like in order to be accepted.  When they start being themselves they find that many people enjoy their company a great deal.

Sometimes people are raised in a fearful environment and they don’t realize that the world is a welcoming place.  Life is so much better when one realizes this.

This post is more psychological than spiritual, but many people have benefited from this recording and I feel moved to share it with all who need it.



There is a lot of information out there on how to become enlightened.  There are practices, classes, sessions, and remedies.  Some say it’s all grace and there is nothing you can do to attain it – it will happen or it won’t.  Then there are those who say that you are already enlightened.

So where do we start and how do we get there?  The first step is knowing what you want from it.

Let’s look at what a person is trying to get from becoming enlightened.  What is enlightened?  There are many ways a person can define enlightenment, but most will say it’s a blissful state that is different than the state of the regular person.  So by seeking enlightenment one is looking for something other than what they have, and something that would put them in a different category than most other people.  Does that sound very enlightened?

Why with so much effort and interest put forth towards being higher up than others and rejecting “what is” does a person not become enlightened?  From reading that sentence we know why.  People do get what they focus on intently.  Focusing on such ego driven desires will get you more of the ego world that you are trying to escape from.

But what would happen if instead of wanting enlightenment you were to want to know the truth.  The truth that is the foundation of all existence.  A drive towards the truth will get you what is true, not what makes you higher than others, not what will bring you bliss, but what is true under all things.  Yes, seeing that truth often is blissful and can be termed enlightenment.

So when thinking about what you truly want, think about whether it is enlightenment or truth.  There is no right or wrong answer.  Just know what fruits are brought by which quest.  Seeking enlightenment is a grasping for something.  Grasping for anything brings pain and discontent.  Seeking truth is a letting go of everything in order to know.  In that space you create by letting go, Truth pours in.  This is enlightenment.

Know that you can have what you want.  But the path to it is quite different than most are told about.  It is simple when Truth is what you want.

I had to move to Yellow Springs, OH in 2002.  Once there, I had a ridiculous amount of free time, I was spending it watching a certain televangelist (there is one in particular who appears to me to be speaking about Truth more than religion and I have always enjoyed hearing the Truth wherever I find it even if there is societal prejudice against the source) and reading.  I purchased and began reading a book of the Upanishads.  While I had been studying Hinduism for years, I had never gotten around to reading the Upanishads before.  What I found in them was profound.  They were like nothing I had ever read.  I didn’t want to do anything but read them and contemplate them.  They brought together so many things I had thought about over the years.  They said it with authority and they meant it all.  And as hard as it may be to believe, the Upanishads and this televangelist were consistently saying the same thing.

At some point that fall, during or after reading these, I don’t remember, something happened.  I remember sitting on the couch watching tv with my significant other at the time.  My right leg was crossed over the other.  I can still see it in my mind’s eye.  An irrelevant scene.  I realized that nothing that was happening in my life said anything about who I am.  That I am beyond all of that.  These words I am typing mean nothing, but the revelation was of a magnitude that I cannot begin to describe.

A few minutes later I walked into the kitchen.  I remember standing in front of a cabinet and reaching for seran wrap.  Again, irrelevant.  And realizing that every single one of us is exactly the same thing.  That we have different apparent characteristics based on what we were taught we were from a young age.  I realized that if I had been taught something other than I had, that I would have displayed different personality characteristics, made different choices, and gotten different results based on what I believed to be true.  The only difference between me and anyone else on the planet is our programming.  Much of programming is emotional and social and some is biological, but outside of our programming we are all identical.

I spent about three days doing I have no idea what.  I sat on the couch full/empty of all of what I have just described.  I don’t for a minute want to try to put a label on this.  It was what it was.  No more, no less.

After those three days the experience changed.  I felt quite blissed out for about three months.  The way the trees moved in the wind seemed to be significant, seemed to be saying something, and seemed intimate.  Not in any literal way, in a connection kind of way.  Any words I can choose to talk about this makes it all seem ridiculous.  Everything I saw seemed perfect, absolutely beautiful, and the perfect thing to be right where it was.  There were cabinets in the house we were renting that were crooked and seemed to have been painted over numerous times; and as ugly as they had been before, now they were perfect, with indescribable perfect beauty.  They were the exact right thing to be there and they looked exactly perfect!  I also experienced cold differently.  I usually feel cold quite easily, but when the weather got cold enough that everyone was wearing winter coats, I didn’t feel the need for one.  I felt that there was cold, but it wasn’t a feeling I felt bothered by.  My sleep requirement reduced by hours.  I also didn’t desire food.  My significant other would make food for me for lunch and leave it for me and tell me I needed to have eaten at least part of it when he got back from work.  When I would see myself in the mirror it was always such a surprise.  I would smile at myself and feel, “Ah!  It’s you!” as if I were seeing an old friend who I loved deeply and hadn’t seen in a long time.  And I felt like I was madly in love.  But I couldn’t say with whom.  I just felt it.  And I can’t say for sure to whom these feelings were occurring.  It was as if at that time I was someone else who is more me than I actually am now.  At the time I wasn’t thinking about it all in terms of a spiritual experience – I wasn’t thinking about it at all.

Then three months after it started, a friend was over.  A friend who had been coming to me for a lot of spiritual conversation and questioning.  I was watching my friend do something to his photography equipment while we were listening to George Harrison’s new (posthumous) cd.  We were discussing some of the spiritual content of this cd.  We were discussing some of the lyrics and my friend just didn’t seem to get it.  I believe we may have been discussing the translation of “Sat Chit Ananda”.  My friend just didn’t seem to get it.  No matter what I said he just wasn’t getting it.  And then I so badly wanted him to understand.  (I’m sure you immediately see the problem – at the time I did not, it just happened.)  The next thing I knew, my friend was in front of me, he took my hands and put them in prayer position grasped between his own, and he bowed on his knees in front of me.  That seemed strange and I told him to stop it.  We talked about other things and had a nice visit.  He left a few hours later.  Once he left I realized that I felt miserable.  For no reason.  He soon called me on his drive back to Kansas.  He said that he felt amazing and peaceful in a way that he never had before and that he had no idea why.

Crap.  He took it!  Or more accurately, I wanted him to understand so much that I gave it to him.  But I really hadn’t meant to and I wanted it back.

I wanted to find out what had happened to me in terms of the experience itself and in terms of how to get it back.  That is how I discovered Ramana Mahrshi, Tony Parsons, Ramesh Balsekar, and Lester Levenson.  I read a book about realized Masters.  I don’t remember the name of it.  I felt comforted by the stories I read about various peoples’ experiences.  I recognized the not needing food, not needing as much sleep, and the general feelings that went with the whole experience.

This was my experience.  Looking back, it was beautiful and blissful.  At the time, it just was.

Take a few moments if you have them and read this slowly.  And with the heat of awareness.  Whatever that may mean for you.  Trust that every shade of meaning you understand from each word here is exactly correct.

Now, be enlightened inside.  Close your eyes and look inside and let everything else be outside.  Let your problems be outside, let your friends be outside, let your job be outside, let your unemployment be outside…  So freeing…  Let everything that comes up in mind be outside:  Your worries, your interests, your partner, your kids, that jerk you know, your food, addictions, the internet, your pains, your to-do lists, your body, everything.  Let it all exist, but outside, while you are inside.  Let it all be there, but outside.  And focus in there where you are, and be enlightened in there.  Whatever enlightenment means to you, or whatever word you want to use, be it inside.  Be it, pretend it, love it, feel it.  Inside.  While everything else is out there being whatever it is.  For right now be inside where just You is.  And be enlightened in there.

Notice whether it is expansive or joy or free or peace or laughter or stillness.  Notice whatever it is.

And that’s enough for now.  Do this for two minutes or all day, or somewhere in between.

Let it be what it is.  Come back to the beauty of that whenever you wish.


An amazing moment happened to me at age eight.  I remember driving somewhere with my mother in our old station wagon with the fake wood paneling on the side.  Everyone had one of those cars back then.  My two little brothers were in the back seat.

Earlier that day a classmate in my third grade class said to the teacher that his dad told him that the sun was going to explode and everyone in the world would die.  What!  The teacher made him stop talking about things that would upset the class, but the damage was done.  I couldn’t think about anything else the rest of the school day.

That afternoon in the car with my mother I can still remember sitting there and looking down at my tennis shoes with the three white stripes and waiting for my chance to ask.  I was hoping she’d tell me that kid was wrong.

So I told her all about what happened and what a jerk that kid was and he was wrong, wasn’t he?  She didn’t tell me he was wrong.  How could this be?  But, she said not to worry, that it wouldn’t be for hundreds or thousands of years.  Whew!  I was so relieved.  For about 15 seconds.

Then, in my third grade mind’s eye I had an image of everyone in that future time running away from the exploding sun, scared because they were all going to die.  Such a vivid image of their fear, their screams, everyone running.  I was so glad it wouldn’t be me.  Such a relief!

But wait…  Even if I’m not there, they are, and that means so am I.  They are me.  It seemed so obvious to me for just a few minutes that everyone, everyone who had ever existed or ever would exist, was me.  This was such an obvious truth and I was surprised that I had missed it before.  They are me, I am me, everyone is me.

Not in a “we are all One” way, but in an actual I’m-looking-out-of-everyone’s-eyes way.  It was a relief, and new, and had always been – all at the same time.

And then a few minutes later it faded back out.  And I was left thinking, “Wait…. What?”  I knew I’d had something that had just slipped through my fingers.

It took me about 35 more years to figure out that it never left.  It’s always here.  It just fades into the background when you’re too busy living life to notice it.  And that’s perfect.

Once upon a time a man was walking home in the dark to his village and as he was walking along he suddenly saw a snake in the road. Immediately fear rose in him. He very much wanted to go home, but he couldn’t risk his life by getting close to the snake. He realized he would have to go back from where he came and wait out the snake.

The next morning, after spending a horrible and cold night on a park bench, the man set off again towards his home. As he got closer to the area where he had seen the snake the previous night he saw that it seemed to still be there, and in the same exact position as it had been in the night before. He kept walking closer to see if the snake could possibly be dead enabling him to go on his way to his village.

As he got even closer he saw that there was no snake! There was a coiled length of rope there in the road. He had experienced fear for nothing. He had slept on the cold park bench for nothing. His wife would be at home worried that he hadn’t arrived for nothing.

It was a rope.

What we think of as reality is merely the mind. Our thoughts are the world we live in, but they aren’t reality. They are thoughts. How many times have you spent hours or days or possibly longer worrying about something that never comes to pass? How many times have you gotten angry with someone for what you imagined they were probably thinking? We react as if we live in a world of snakes everywhere.

How different would life be if we realized there was only rope this whole time.

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